March Of Snowdrops

March Of Snowdrops

Lovely article about snowdrops thriving on neglect!

The Anxious Gardener

A few years ago, a friend gave me a barely liftable, large trug of snowdrops.  I was very, very grateful and happily began adding them to the Priory’s meagre showing.  Eventually running out of time, I temporarily stuffed the last few into a small bed beneath a standard Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’.


And there they temporarily sat – for three years or so; neglected, multiplying, annoying.  Plonked amongst heucheras, they looked out-of-place and then messy as they slowly died back after flowering.


In April 2014, I finally dug them up.


And then dug up some more – there were far more than I expected.  A little neglect does wonders for increasing your stock, it seems … and produced a second surfeit of snowdrops.  (Now’s the time to dig up, divide and replant snowdrops ‘in the green’ – before, during and after flowering.  You might quake at digging up flowering plants…

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