A Gravel Garden For Free

The Anxious Gardener

Behind some outbuildings at the Old Forge is an oil tank and an expanse of gravel.  For three long years, I weeded that gravel until, a couple of years ago, I – finally – realised I was just being stupid.  Instead of weeding it, why not fill it with plants instead?  Drought resistant, hardy plants of course but there would be another stipulation.  The owners hadn’t asked me to do it, they didn’t know I was going to do it and so I could hardly spend their money on planting up my own little project.  I would only use plants I already had, sow seeds I could collect and hopefully, please them with the result.

Gravel garden

This is the oil tank area a couple of months ago with new growth appearing.   During the summer of 2013, I shook opium poppy seed-heads about, as well as the seeds of a large

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