Is It Nearly Spring?

Is It Nearly Spring?


As the catkins open up and start to release their pollen it looks as though spring is just around the corner. The Hellebores have been in flower for a while and once the old foliage is removed  they look stunning with a real splash of colour. Crocus, snowdrops and daffodils are all in full bloom here too. Thank you to Rich Walker for this lovely image.


These Hellebores were photographed by Susan Rushton at Gresgarth Hall . Stunning examples. See

Hellebore Day


4 thoughts on “Is It Nearly Spring?

  1. Hi Susan
    I do apologise for not crediting you for the use of your beautiful picture. I have amended this so that people can follow a link to your site. Your latest ones of the spotted double Hellebores are just amazing. Regards Ann


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