Drifts of Snowdrops

Drifts of Snowdrops

Well if you would like to see some stunning snowdrops this garden is abundant with them. Painswick Rococo Garden has them spilling down the hillsides and throughout the forest floor.

Even on a dull day it was beautiful.IMG_9378

Companion planting of coloured Cornus stems and Hellebores mix with evergreen shrubs.IMG_9368

A stunning carpet of Cyclamen hederifolium spreads out beneath the white blooms in some areas,


whilst a complement of evergreen ferns Asplenium Scolopendrium (Hart’s Tongue) supplement the mass of snowdrops in others.


Don’t rely on my poor photos as you can catch a glimpse on their video. https://vimeo.com/252180121

If you have a chance, do go and look. There are several species of Snowdrop together with their own special Galanthus Atkinsii which is a tall variety. You can purchase the plants in the green to plant up now. I have to add rather a lot to my garden to create the same effect. Thankfully you can achieve a beautiful display even in a small area.

Is It Nearly Spring?

Is It Nearly Spring?


As the catkins open up and start to release their pollen it looks as though spring is just around the corner. The Hellebores have been in flower for a while and once the old foliage is removed  they look stunning with a real splash of colour. Crocus, snowdrops and daffodils are all in full bloom here too. Thank you to Rich Walker for this lovely image.


These Hellebores were photographed by Susan Rushton at Gresgarth Hall . Stunning examples. See https://susanrushton.net/

Hellebore Day